River Access Points

As we embark on our 90-day journey, many people will be coming and going. This map will allow folks to know where on the river a road or boat ramp is in place in order to access the trip, or the river on your own time. 

Use this interactive map to find the location, name, state of boat ramps and access points along the Green and Colorado Rivers. 


Farsen Boat Ramp - Green River below Fontenelle Dam - Unpermitted

Green River Wyoming - Expedition Island - SCREE Launch - Unpermitted

Firehole Campground - Above Flaming Gorge - Unpermitted

Flaming Gorge Dam - A multitude of ramps are easily accessible on Flaming Gorge Reservoir 

Spillway Boat Launch - Below Flaming Gorge Dam - Unpermitted

Browns Park Swinging Bridge Boat Ramp - Above Lodore - Unpermitted

Lodore Ranger Station - Entrance to Gates of Lodore - Permitted

Echo Park Campground - Middle of permitted section - no boats may launch here

Rainbow Park - Green River - Unpermitted

Split Mountain - Entering Uinta Basin - Unpermitted

Sand Wash - Desolation Grey Canyon - Permitted 

Swaseys Boat Ramp - End of Desolation - Unpermitted

Green River State Park - Green River, Utah - Unpermitted

Mineral Bottom - Entering Cataract Canyon - Permitted 

Potash - Cataract Canyon via the Colorado - Note: The core SCREE will not be on the Colorado through this section)

Hite - Confluence of Dirty Devil and Colorado and beginning of Lake Powell - Unpermitted 

Lee's Ferry - Entering Grand Canyon - Permitted

Phantom Ranch - a hike into the Grand Canyon - Permitted

Diamond Creek - Unpermitted 

Pearce Ferry - Takeout and Lake Mead